Why Are England Soccer Followers So Violent ?

Why Are England Football Fans So Violent?

England Football fans so violent. Two years ago, Tottenham fans clashed with West Ham supporters, and there were pyrotechnics and projectiles thrown from the stands at Goodison Park and Stamford Bridge. The toilets at Bloomfield Road looked like a laundrette after a game. Now, we see more than enough of these violent incidents to warrant a full investigation.


English football fans are notorious for their hostility towards the team. While England has qualified for every major tournament in recent years, they have also become notorious for their hooliganism. While England’s supporters have generally changed over the last few decades, a minority of English fans still display their displeasure in inappropriate ways. These fans’ disruptive behaviour is affecting the concentration of the team, and is not a sign of good football spirit.


There’s an ancient rivalry between England and Scotland football fans. The first match was played in November 1872 and ended in a goalless draw. At that time, the game was played in front of only 4,000 people on a cricket pitch. On Friday, England and Scotland will meet again for the first time since that match in November in Wembley. The game will determine which country will be in the World Cup this year.

Alcohol influence

A new study shows that alcohol consumption is associated with increased domestic violence after England matches. This is despite the fact that the violence is lower in non-drinkers. The study found that alcohol-related domestic abuse increased by 5.5% after each England win. The study replicated these findings across different regions of the country. The findings have implications for the future of the sport, and should be investigated further.

Internal aggression

Despite the popularity of English soccer, domestic violence is on the rise in the United Kingdom. The number of incidents of domestic violence has increased as England has advanced through the world cup. There is also a clear link between England wins and domestic abuse. In fact, studies have shown that England’s wins are associated with increased incidents of alcohol-related violence. Moreover, the relationship between England wins and domestic abuse has been replicated across different regions of the country.

England Football Fans So Violent – Wembley riots

The violence that erupted outside Wembley Stadium is a familiar sight for football enthusiasts, with flares and bottles thrown during the World Cup showpiece. The violence spread to King’s Cross and a Burger King window was broken, while fights with the police broke out before the game. But not everyone believes that the disorder outside the stadium is a sign of a new wave of England fan hooliganism, as Professor Geoff Pearson argued.

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