Cristiano Ronaldo leaves Previous Trafford earlier than Manchester United match has completed – Man United Information And Switch Information

Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly left Old Trafford early today having been substituted at half-time by Erik ten Hag.

Shocking pictures have emerged right after the game, showing Ronaldo leaving the stadium before the full-time whistle.

In the pictures, Ronaldo is seen exiting Old Trafford while the team was still playing the opposition.

This news comes as the latest headlines and shocking reports surrounding the Portuguese captain, who is already on the short-end with a majority of United fans.

Many will undoubtedly see this as the final straw, in a relatively long list of acts of misconduct by Ronaldo, as he pushes for a move away from Manchester.

It remains unclear whether the player stormed out in protest of his substitution or whether he had an argument with the manager regarding his role in today’s match.

As can be seen in our lead photo here, during the first half, Ronaldo had a short-lived conversation with Ten Hag on the touchline who was seemingly issuing instructions to the striker.

While the reason for Ronaldo’s impromptu departure is unclear, this does not bode well for the team, with just days remaining until the season kicks off.

Many will agree that the boss and the club, in general, could do without his theatrics.

He announced yesterday on his instagram account that he was going to play today, saying “On Sunday the king plays”.

But the crown has well and truly slipped from the legendary Portuguese’s head.

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